Island business leaders and senior government officials recently came together to discuss ‘good growth’ opportunities for Jersey, at a unique event hosted by PwC Channel Islands aimed at driving the right kind of economic growth for the Island.  

Following the publication in January of the Council of Minister’s Strategic Priorities for the next three years, which highlighted economic growth as a key focus, the event, which took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel on Wednesday 4 February, aimed to build on the partnership between local government and business leaders and provide a forum for discussing key growth opportunities for the Island’s financial services industry and wider economy.  

A number of the firm’s UK Financial Services sector leaders, including Dan Schwarzmann, PwC UK Executive Board Member, visited the Island to attend the event in order to share their insights into opportunities for growth in their sectors and elaborate on why and how these are relevant to Jersey.  

Attendees took part in roundtable-style discussions on their specific sector, including real estate, fiduciary, family office, asset management and private equity, in order to identify emerging trends in their sector. In addition, Assistant Chief Minister Senator Philip Ozouf provided an update on Jersey as an International Finance Centre and gave his perspective on opportunities for good growth on the Island, whilst States of Jersey Director of Financial Services, Joe Moynihan, also played a key role in the discussions.  

Commenting on the event, host Brendan McMahon, Senior Partner at PwC Channel Islands, said:  

“The Jersey Financial Services Policy Framework set out a compelling and distinctive vision for how government and industry look to the future and at PwC we want to continue in our efforts to help drive the right kind of economic growth for Jersey, ensuring our Island remains relevant in a changing world.  

“For us, it’s a natural progression for our business to build on the progress already made when we introduced the concept of Good Growth for Jersey in 2014. Back then, as we explored the theme with politicians and business representatives, we agreed that the private sector should continue to work together as a collaborative community. At the recent event we hosted, we focused our attention on the financial services sectors that drive our wider economy.”  

The format of the event will be replicated in Guernsey in September this year, in order to bring government and the private sector together to identify and connect on good growth opportunities for Guernsey too.