Throughout February, Crestbridge employees have been taking on the challenge to get outside and get fit in ‘Fit for February’.
This wellbeing initiative has been very well-received with over 65 employees taking part and posting their walks, runs, cycles and workouts daily in the Crestbridge Wellbeing Strava Club.

Employee wellbeing is something that is hugely important to Crestbridge and keeping physically active plays a key role in this. Whether it’s taking the dog for a short walk round the block at lunchtime or running ten miles after work, getting outside and enjoying some fresh air is great for mental health. The aim of ‘Fit for February’, was to highlight this, and to help employees to support their own mental and physical wellbeing by purposefully take time away from their desk each day to de-stress and unwind from the physical and mental pressures that they may be facing at the moment.

In addition to the Strava Club, Crestbridge has also been inviting employees to weekly ‘Desk, Flex and Stretch’ classes throughout February. These sessions, run by a qualified pilates teacher, provide exercises that help ease those muscles that become tense from sitting at a desk and using screens for long periods of time.

The Fit for February wellbeing initiative has helped people hugely. One employee provided some feedback saying, “I’ve looked at this initiative as a challenge. It’s really encouraged me to take time each day to get outdoors and be active which has also helped me to feel more refreshed and motivated in my work! With working from home, I sometimes used to feel guilty about getting out and away from my desk, but I feel so much better with this simple change to my routine!”

Well done everyone, you’re doing great!