Each year, employees at Crestbridge nominate a local charity to support as part of its commitment to engaging with the local community.  This year, JAA is the chosen charity with staff raising money for the organisation through various fundraising events throughout the year.

At the latest event, the charity quiz night held in July, staff managed to raise £622.50 in one night, which will help the charity to raise awareness around dementia and the importance of timely diagnosis and intervention. In the true nature of giving, the winning team at the quiz, ‘The Eijits’, kindly donated their prize money back to JAA. 

Jim Hollywood, Chairman, Jersey Alzheimer’s Association, said: “The number of people that turned out for the quiz night was amazing and we’re very thankful to the Crestbridge team who organised and hosted the event in order to raise money for our cause.  This support will be vital in raising awareness about dementia.”

Graeme McArthur, CEO, Crestbridge, commented: “The Crestbridge team is passionate about engaging with the local community and in particular in supporting our nominated charity. I’m delighted with the outcome of the quiz night and I look forward to the rest of the events that we have in store for raising money and awareness of dementia for JAA.”