Each year, staff nominate a local charity to support as part of Crestbridge’s commitment to engaging with the local community. Last year, they supported the Jersey Foster Carers Association (JFCA) and raised in excess of £34,000 through sponsorship and direct contribution to fund raising events.

Crestbridge staff will be organising events and fundraising for JAA throughout 2016 to raise the profile of the charity and dementia, which affects around 1,400 people in Jersey. 

JAA, established locally in 2010, helps to bring awareness and education to the local community about dementia. JAA tackles the awareness of dementia through promotion of timely diagnosis and intervention. This is done through its services of confidential family support counselling, and by campaigning on behalf of those who live with a form of dementia to improve current services in order to offer a high quality of life that might otherwise be unattainable.

Jim Hollywood, Chairman, Jersey Alzheimer’s Association, said: “We’re so grateful to the team at Crestbridge for choosing to support JAA for 2016. We strongly believe that they will be able to bolster our main objective of raising awareness here in Jersey and I look forward to the work they’ll be doing with us this year.”

Graeme McArthur, CEO, Crestbridge, commented: “I’m delighted that we’ll be involved with JAA this year. Dementia can be a misunderstood and often stigmatized condition. I’m proud that Crestbridge will be helping in some way to bring much greater awareness of the condition and the fantastic work of Jersey Alzheimer’s Association. Our team in Jersey is dedicated to supporting the local community in any way possible and this initiative strongly correlates with our ethos as a company.” 

Photograph: From left to right Katie De La Haye, Pippa Webster, Claire Bell, Sally Howarth from Crestbridge, Michala Graham (JAA's Educator), Jim Hollywood (JAA's Chairman) and Mark Blamey (JAA's Manager), Deborah Baudains, Amanda Miles also from Crestbridge.