As part of the company’s commitment to engaging with the local community, staff at Crestbridge nominate a local charity to support each year. For 2014 and 2015, employees selected to raise money for and support the JFCA, the local charity which provides a source of support for foster carers and works together with the fostering service to represent the view of foster carers.

In 2014 alone, staff and clients of Crestbridge have raised in excess of £20,000 and a portion of this was used to hold a Christmas party for children being cared for through the JFCA on 13th December at a local hotel.

At the party, Crestbridge staff Skye Nicholson and Jackie Butt, attending as ‘honorary elves’, helped Santa distribute Christmas gifts and cinema vouchers to around 80 foster children.In addition to fundraising for the JFCA, Crestbridge staff are also providing a broad range of support to the charity throughout this year. So far, the firm has helped the charity develop a new brand identity and logo, whilst the firm is also assisting the JFCA with understanding Jersey’s new charities law which is due to be rolled out in the new year and provides a regulated environment for local charities.

Established in 2001, the JFCA assists with looking after foster children in the island and is committed to raising the profile of fostering in Jersey. It places children at the heart of everything it does and is passionate about enabling children to be safe and helping them reach their true potential.

Ann Le Rendu, JFCA Chairperson, commented:

“We are so grateful for this support from Crestbridge staff and their clients. It’s so exciting to see the smiles on the children’s faces at this time of year and to have such great people go that extra mile to make it happen. Having the support of a local firm to help make Christmas special for these children is absolutely fantastic, whilst to have their broader support to help us as an organisation will undoubtedly be invaluable over the years to come.”

Graeme McArthur, CEO at Crestbridge, added:

“Working with the Jersey Foster Carers Association this year has been a wonderful experience, culminating in this Christmas party. Over the past few years, our employees have been incredibly successful in raising significant sums of money that have made a real difference to local charities. It’s pleasing to see that we have maintained that success this year and I look forward to seeing how else we can support the valuable work the JFCA does in 2015.”
Jersey Foster Carers Association - Helping improve the quality of life for children and young people in foster care.