Local law firm, Crill Canavan, will be planting 118 saplings to offset the vast amount of paper used by their legal team in Jersey’s largest ever legal trial.

The Alhamrani trial took place in Jersey over a total period of 10 months, and finished in September. Crill Canavan’s litigation team, headed by Advocates Nuno Santos-Costa and Kathryn Purkis, represented the First Defendant, Sheikh Abdullah Alhamrani.

Mindful of the 2,000 reams of paper that the legal team utilised throughout the trial, Crill Canavan will be working with Jersey Trees for Life on their ongoing Hedgerow Campaign to balance out the environmental impact of the paper used.

‘Following a number of calculations we realised that we had used around 2,000 reams of paper. Our team generated a particularly large amount of paper, firstly because we were responsible for a large volume of mid-trial document disclosure, and secondly because we initiated several mid-trial applications and appeals. It all adds up to a significant amount of carbon use which we have decided to offset,’ said Kathryn Purkis, now Managing Partner of Crill Canavan.

‘By teaming up with Jersey Trees for Life, we will fund and help plant 118 saplings in Jersey, this being the number required for full offset, many of which are destined for an area near to La Rue de Maupertuis in St Clement. And as it is National Tree Week, it seemed like a good time to start the planting!’

National Tree Week is the UK's largest tree celebration which annually launches the start of the winter tree planting season.

Conrad Evans, Jersey Trees for Life’s Arboricultural Officer, is responsible for the planting and conservation of trees and shrubs for the charity.

‘We were delighted to hear that Crill Canavan want to plant enough saplings to offset the paper used in the recent trial. To pledge 118 saplings represents a significant investment and will really make a difference to our ongoing campaign,’ said Mr Evans.

‘This campaign is instrumental in preserving Jersey’s landscape and the habitats of so many of our local animals and insects and we greatly appreciate the support afforded us by Crill Canavan.’

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