ED Capital and Oakbridge Funds have joined together formally as Oakbridge. In reflection of their existing collaborative approach, including shared cultures, ambitions and ownership, and in response to client demand, the combined businesses will now offer a broad suite of administration and accounting services under the single Oakbridge banner, having previously operated separately within the same group.

Oakbridge will provide Corporate Services under the leadership of Jamie Crawford, who will also oversee the wider group. Fund Administration services will be provided under the leadership of Robin Wilson.

Jamie commented: ‘This next chapter is an incredibly exciting one for Oakbridge. Having originally been a client of the local administration sector, our group set out to build a business based on those experiences but with a differentiated model that is able to deliver a superior client experience over the long term. That was the level of service we demanded for ourselves: one built on quality, responsiveness and professionalism, with long term relationships between employees and clients, and, critically, price stability.’

‘Our genuinely long term, independent ownership structure has enabled us to remain true to those qualities as we have grown over the years. Joining with Oakbridge Funds is a fantastic opportunity for both businesses and our clients, extending their access to a range of fund solutions, whilst ensuring they continue to receive that same excellent level of service.’

Robin added: ‘A year on from launching Oakbridge Funds, I am extremely proud of the growth we have achieved. Our independent ownership structure enables us to remain true to our original ethos and to continue to navigate our own journey. This will remain the case as we move into this next phase of growth. Our clients seek stability and transparency and coming together with ED Capital positions us well to deliver both.’

For additional information on Oakbridge, visit www.oakbridgegroup.com.

For all enquiries please contact info@oakbridgegroup.com.