A new company secretarial outsourcing service to alleviate the challenges of managing complex group structures and improve governance processes has been launched by Elian.  

Global Secretarial Solutions is a centralised outsourcing solution for subsidiary administration including entity records, reporting and transaction management across any jurisdiction or time zone. It will appeal to both corporate and private wealth structures, providing a cost-effective tool for enhanced corporate governance through reduced operational risk.  

‘Compared to competitor alternatives, Elian's offering is unique as it does not rely upon multiple, jurisdictional- specific client-facing teams; rather a client has a single point of contact covering all jurisdictions.  Global Secretarial Solutions reflects Elian's passion for continual innovation and for making things simple for our clients,’ said Elian director Tom Amy.  

‘We've seen the frustrations our clients have in managing large and/or complex subsidiary structures and our delivery of a single dedicated team, in the right time zone, combined with our advanced online portal will alleviate many of these challenges. Whilst a goal of improved corporate governance will inevitably appeal to a group's board whether or not a group is listed, implementing change is not always straightforward.  Global Secretarial Solutions avoids the delays, costs and uncertainty of introducing new systems, people and processes.'  

As part of Global Secretarial Solutions, client staff and nominated third parties (for example legal advisers and auditors)  can access subsidiary data via Elian Document Share, a secure online data portal.  Within its modules, Elian Document Share offers advanced task and event management, flexible user access permissions, and detailed reporting capabilities.  It can support any entity type, in any jurisdiction, and is accessible from a PC, tablet or smartphone.    

As part of the service, clients have access to Elian’s dedicated Corporate Services team, which draws on expertise to build a bespoke solution to meet each client’s challenges – significantly reducing clients’ dependence on third party agents.  

Elian can also conduct a health check, reviewing all subsidiary records for completeness and accuracy; the end result is a suite of records on Elian Document Share that clients can rely on. In addition, clients using Global Secretarial Solutions will have access to other complimentary services, such as ID Check, Capital Services and Performance & Reward Management.  

For more information on Global Secretarial Solutions and Elian Document Share contact globalsec@elian.com or watch the video (http://www.elian.com/services/corporate-services/globalsec/ ).