The locally tailored environmental scheme, ECO-Active Business, is run by the States of Jersey and its purpose is to encourage local organisations to consider the impact of their business on the environment.

By completing both the first and second levels of the scheme, Ernst & Young has demonstrated a commitment to reducing the environmental impact caused by the firm’s day to day activities.

Key aspects targeted include reducing its energy consumption, waste management, procurement and educating employees about the firm’s environmental impact.

“Encouraging our people to lighten their carbon footprint is just one of the aims of this scheme,” said Andrew Dann, managing partner at Ernst & Young. “Being part of a worldwide organisation it is vital that we consider the impact on the environment within our decision-making. By monitoring our progress and the environmental impact, with the support of ECO-Active Business, we have taken a huge step towards achieving this goal.”

The scheme is designed to build on the principles of quality, excellence and continuous improvement and provide standard ways of assessing and rewarding those businesses that are making great efforts to improve their environmental impact.

“Annually setting objectives, targets and continuously monitoring the firm’s environmental impact are just a few of the commitments Ernst & Young will implement in order to adhere to the new environmental policies,” said Mr Dann.

“There has been a lot of work involved with making our offices environmentally friendly over the past few years. With passive infrared lighting, recycling bins, and the installation of devices that measure the office’s energy consumption, it has been a challenge to become more eco-friendly, but everyone in the firm has got right behind this initiative and this is something we intend to maintain,” he said.