Europlan Group, the independent international fiduciary service provider headquartered in Jersey, has recently taken the decision to expand its corporate offering by providing both establishment and administration of closed ended non retail funds from a wholly owned and licensed company, Europlan Fund Administrators Limited ("EFA").

Managing Director, Ben Warner explained that whilst Europlan has always provided private client "plain vanilla" styled services to the international community, it has also in the past been involved in a significant number of corporate transactions.

Mr Warner commented that he was delighted to announce that Europlan had recently appointed Andrew Mason as Director in order to head up and run Europlan Fund Administrators Limited.

Mr Mason's experience spans over 25 years in the Real Estate Funds, Private Equity Funds, Fund of Funds, Carried Interest vehicles and Mezzanine Fund's arena.

As an example of some of the work previously carried out, Mr Warner explained that in recent years Europlan has been involved with a US Real Estate Group which has issued 8 sequentially numbered funds, with Europlan being involved, in one way or another, with Funds IV through to VIII. A full compliment of administration and accounting services has, and continues to be provided for these Funds. The estimated value of the real estate transactions for all eight funds is US$31bn, with Europlan being involved in an estimated US$20bn. Fund VIII, which is currently live, has approximately US$2.3bn of committed equity capital.

Another example outlined was that on one day in April 2007, Europlan incorporated 614 Jersey vehicles. Again, full administration services continue to be provided for these vehicles.

Mr Mason commented that he was very much of the opinion that this is an exciting time in the Fund's arena and that this remains, in his opinion, a people business. This has always been at the forefront of Europlan's group approach.

Mr Mason added that a new website,, has been established detailing all the services currently available. – END –