Matthew Lister, aged 17 was one of several students from the school to enter a competition launched by the company inviting ‘A’ level art students to brighten up the office by painting an entire wall. Taking the brand carefully into consideration and with some research on the Group’s website as inspiration, Matthew developed a design around ‘colourful people’, depicting silhouettes differentiated by their hobbies against a backdrop of the universe to show the importance of people in it.

Pictured above is Jacquie Rutter, head of Art at Hautlieu school and competition winner Matthew Lister receiving his prize money from Managing Director Ben Newman. When asked what he would be spending his winnings on Matthew said he would put it towards his savings for Art College, which he is planning to go to after his ‘A’ Levels.

Ben Newman said, ‘The judging panel was genuinely impressed not only with the variety of designs submitted but the thought that had clearly gone into the rationale behind them.  The competition was open to groups as well as individuals and although Matthew won on his own he was helped on the day by fellow students and his teacher, the head of art at Hautlieu, Jacquie Rutter.  I was most impressed with the speed and efficiency with which the work was executed and we are all very pleased with the end result. It’s a perfectly scaled up version of Matthew’s original painting and has certainly added some very welcome colour to the office.’

Jacquie Rutter added, ‘Every year I get to work with a fresh group of students and I am always blown away by their creativity and talent.  This competition has been great fun and enabled some of them to undertake the Creativity, Action and Service element of their curriculum, which is fantastic.”