Flying High


The Commission’s research into the effect of aviation capacity constraints on the UK economy found that:

· costs to providers and users of the UK airport system could be £18 billion to £20 billion in present value terms and including delay costs, between 2021 and 2080;

· there is good evidence to suggest that there are costs associated with lost trade, foreign direct investment (FDI) and tourism, and that these are likely to affect wider UK economic performance; and,

· these whole economy impacts of capacity constraints on GDP could cost £30 billion to £45 billion, in present value terms, between 2021 and 2080.


The report also provides a forecast on passenger growth under a range of scenarios:

Unconstrained capacity and low-high demand range

The charts indicates that passenger numbers will almost double between 2010 and 2050 to circa 530m passengers.  Sounds like a big number?  Dubai International airport will have capacity for 1.7bn passengers!

 If Britain wants to compete as a global trading nation then it must upgrade its ageing transport infrastructure. There are a range of options on the table but the one that must be ditched for good is kicking the can down the road and doing nothing.