Following our Perspectives: Women in Leadership series of events in Jeddah, Doha and Dubai, an article by An Kelles has been published in Arab News. In the piece, An discusses how the recent shift in the way that business is done, as more emphasis is placed on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in business, leading to a positive change in the way women are participating in the workforce.

In today’s fast-paced global economic landscape, there is immense pressure on women in business to be well-versed in fundamental topics in the areas of private wealth, corporate structuring, capital markets and international regulatory requirements. Women have largely risen to the occasion and met these standards but, as An explains, without the proper reward and recognition of these efforts, there is a serious risk of losing these potential leaders.

At Jersey Finance, we believe that an integral part of the solution is providing women with a voice to share their insights, experiences and perspectives – in the wealth management space as well as more broadly across sectors and regions. Providing a platform for women such as our Perspectives: Women in Leadership series of events is crucial for enabling women in leadership to support each other by connecting and building global networks.

You can read An’s article here.