Our most recent Future Connect event focussed on educating and building a foundation of knowledge on sustainable finance.

We welcomed two Future Connectors as our guest speakers for this event – Indiana Latimer, PwC and Alex Faure, True Ltd.

Alex and Indiana shared with attendees their backgrounds, how they came to work in the sustainable finance area, and an overview of what sustainable finance is and how it weaves into our everyday working lives.

To start understanding what sustainable finance is, we need to be able to define it.

Sustainable finance is about integrating ESG (Environmental Social Governance) factors into decision making as well as investing more capital to finance sustainable issues and enabling profitability without negatively affecting the environment.

We also need to understand why sustainable finance is important and valuable to firms.

Having a basic understanding of sustainable finance allows us to bring more awareness to it within our firms. Being able to discuss sustainable investments and decisions with clients and even onboard new clients who have a strong focus on sustainability.

Boosting firm’s reputation and perception to clients.

Internally, there are many benefits to firms championing sustainable finance. It will create an environment people want to work in and attract a new set of employees who highly value these sustainable efforts.

Not only does having a focus on sustainable finance benefit our world, but our cultures too.

To get started on your journey into the sustainable finance world, we have created our SDG tool. A gateway to a deeper understanding of how your investments and financed economic activities impact the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG Alignment Tool
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We hope that those that attended our recent Future Connect event found it insightful and came away feeling ready to become a sustainable finance ambassador within their firm.

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