Awarded each year, the Cup goes to the corporate team that swims the most laps during their 55-minute slot. Last year the triumphant team came from States of Jersey Customs and Immigration Service, who won the trophy by clocking an outstanding 92 laps. Team captain Neil Hutton, said: ‘We have been taking part in the Swimarathon for as many years as any of us can recall. Winning was a great achievement for the team, and, just as importantly, we all had a great time. We will definitely be going all out to retain the title again this year!’

Chris Blampied, Head of Banking, RBC Wealth Management said: ‘The Challenge Cup brought an entirely new, and popular, aspect to this gathering two years ago when it was introduced, and it has been exciting to see teams cheer each other on.  I am confident that teams from the Island’s various companies will be rising to the challenge again this year.’

Lions Club of Jersey President Chris Clarke said: ‘Although the RBC Challenge Cup is a fairly recent addition to the Swimarathon it has proved to be a great draw to corporate teams. The Cup has been hard fought each year and we are grateful to RBC Wealth Management for sponsoring the Cup competition, the wider event, as well as their exemplary contribution when it comes to staff participation.’

The 2014 Swimarathon takes place between 12–16 March 2014 at Les Quennevais Sports Centre. Oakwell Children’s Respite Centre has been selected as the main beneficiary of the funds raised by participants in the event. In addition to this another 25 Jersey-based children’s charities will receive a share of at least £25,000.