IFI Global, a fund management research organisation based in London, has published an insightful white paper entitled ‘Fund Domiciliation in a Fast-Changing World’.

In the report, Simon Osbourn, CEO of IFI Global, considers the impact of ‘The 3 Bs’, namely BEPS, Brexit and Brussels (being shorthand for initiatives coming out of Europe), on the funds sector, particularly in the US.

Contributors include Debra Franzese, Partner at New York law firm Seward and Kissell; Boris Onefater, CEO and founder of Constellation Advisors; Tim Hames, former Director General of the BVCA; and Jersey Finance’s Elliot Refson, Head of Funds.

Many fund managers are considering their domiciliation options more closely now and this is, in part, because of the growing costs and regulatory requirements of being in certain Caribbean jurisdictions, according to the report. BEPS, it is said, may well be the most important development for the structure of the alternative fund industry in a generation.

Read about these issues in the IFI Global Report here: http://www.funddomiciles.com/downloads/ifiglobal/fund-domiciliation-1120-whitepaper.pdf