Donna Withers, head of Wills and Probate at Hawksford, has contributed to a major legal textbook to be published by Oxford University Press. International Protection of Adults is a comprehensive analysis of cross border issues around mental capacity and is delivered by renowned experts.  

Donna’s chapter is one of 52 jurisdictional focuses in the book. The chapter explains Jersey’s law relating to vulnerable adults and will be an important aid for worldwide practitioners representing adults, who may have a reduced mental capacity, with financial affairs in the Island.  

‘Modern globalisation over the past 30 years, combined with an ageing population makes the issue of mental capacity extremely pertinent and the book very timely. Individuals have been internationally mobile with homes and assets in multiple jurisdictions for a number of years, and many of them are now ageing. With this, we are seeing an exponential rise in age-related illnesses such as dementia. This means that the law around the international protection of adults is still evolving as issues arise more frequently,’ explains Donna.

International Protection of Adults will go some way towards helping practitioners to act on behalf of clients with complex international affairs. I am honoured to have been asked to contribute alongside such well-known experts in this area. For a number of years Hawksford has offered elderly client fiduciary services both curatorships for Jersey residents and attorneyships for residents elsewhere.  As part of our bespoke will planning we often advise on International Lasting Powers of Attorney to protect clients’ wealth if they become incapacitated and cannot give instructions.’

Edited by experts in the field, Richard Frimston, Alexander Ruck Keene, Claire van Overdijk, and Adrian D. Ward MBE, the book will publish in February 2015. It is available through Oxford University Press.

As well as contributing to the International Protection of Assets, Donna has published a Jersey cross-jurisdictional guide in respected industry publication STEP Journal. She recently received an award from the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Jersey for achieving the highest mark in the STEP Diploma – Company Law and Practice paper.