Hawksford is inviting school leavers and graduates to sign up for its trainee event, which takes place on 7 th June 2018 at JB’s Ping Pong Bar.

On average Hawksford employs eight trainees each year but, following a period of growth for the corporate, private client and funds company, is open to increasing this number in 2018. The scheme sees the trainees undergo a two year intensive training programme across Hawksford’s core service areas. The trainees will benefit from a varied and individualised approach to career development, whilst working towards recognised professional qualification.

Marisa Ballantyne, head of learning and development at Hawksford, said: ‘Hawksford’s trainee programme is going from strength to strength and we are looking forward to getting the ball rolling for 2018 by inviting school leavers and graduates to join our trainee event. ‘The trainee programme supports the professional growth of our new recruits by offering a tailored approach to career development. Following our business rebrand in 2017, we have evolved the scheme in line with our global brand, meeting the needs of our international client base. A number of placements are offered across different service areas and departments, giving trainees exposure to a wide range of business areas. We are looking for trainees with an impressive mixture of ambition, drive and energy and are really looking forward to helping shape their careers.’

In the first few months of training, the trainees will gain an understanding of the processes and systems employed by Hawksford to service its clients to the highest standard. The trainees will gain a thorough understanding of the various structures and entities that the business provides services for through detailed introductory sessions. The trainees will then be given the opportunity to work towards relevant professional qualifications such as ICSA, ACCA or STEP, within their chosen business area.

Gaby Soares, who joined the scheme in September 2017, said: ‘I’ve gained a number of essential skills due to the Hawksford training scheme, including business writing, time management and answering calls. I’ve also been really impressed by the attention to detail from the internal and external tutors we’ve had. Hawksford has proven to be very committed to providing in-depth training, and the variation of training that has been offered demonstrates their dedication to educating individuals and providing opportunities.’

Octavio Alves also joined Hawksford in 2017. He added: ‘I have learned all about Hawksford’s policies, procedures and core values which the company prides itself on. I have been most impressed by how in-depth, but yet easy to digest, all the training has been. It’s been very informative and relevant to my role. Hawksford’s commitment to training is excellent. The staff dedicate a lot of time ensuring a variety of training courses are available should we require them, and they are always on hand to provide anything we require to further our development.’

School leavers and graduates who are interested in learning more about Hawksford’s 2018 training programme are invited to register for the trainee event on 7 th June 2018 at JB’s Ping Pong Bar. More information can be found at www.hawksford.com/becomeatrainee or by emailing careers@hawksford.com.