Parents and babies from the Brighter Futures Baby Growing Together group have been learning how to play musical instruments, thanks to the support of Hawksford and the Progressive School of Music.  

Local trust company, Hawksford, has been supporting Brighter Futures for the past three years and will be sponsoring the charity’s Baby Growing Together group throughout 2014.

As part of this sponsorship, Hawksford arranged for local music school, the Progressive School of Music, to provide a music workshop for the Baby Growing Together group at The Bridge on Wednesday 14th May.  

Parents and babies from the group were treated to an interactive musical demonstration and were given the chance to try out a range of instruments, including various percussion instruments.  

Chief executive officer at Hawksford, Maxine Rawlins, commented: ‘Research has shown that there is a strong relationship between music and brain development in babies, suggesting that early exposure to music increases a child’s capacity to learn and develop. By arranging this opportunity for the parents and children of the Baby Growing Together group, we hope we have provided the parents with the necessary skills to engage their children with music from an early age and stimulate further development at home.’  

‘We would like to thank Hawksford and the Progressive School of Music for arranging the music workshop. It was a fantastic experience for the parents to learn new skills and for the babies to have fun playing with the musical instruments – they all had a wonderful time,’ added Brighter Futures manager, Fiona Brennan.  

Hawksford will be providing sensory toys, including some musical instruments, to Brighter Futures to help encourage the babies to continue interacting with music and learning how to play instruments in the future.  

The Progressive School of Music will be donating its fee from the day to The Antoine Trust and CLIC Sargent (Jersey), its chosen charities in 2014.