Some other encouraging soundbites:

“We will do all we can to help the island build their relationship with France.”

“The Lord Chancellor also mentioned the appointment of a Foreign Minister. He said, “A Foreign Minister is a must. The logic to have one is great. It’s an interesting new step.”

“There’s a strong feeling of attachment and pride in the monarchy. I hope we can help and facilitate what has to happen for Jersey in the London end.”


Some more quotes from other authoritative sources:

“A top division centre” – The IMF

“Co-operative and responsive” – The OECD

“Jersey is not a Tax Haven” – David Cameron, UK Prime minister

180,000 jobs, £118billion in banking liquidity, £2.3bn in net tax receipts – Capital Economics

A Global Financial Centre and the World’s leading Trust jurisdiction – Cooperative, transparent, well regulated and adding value – The facts are undeniable and the message is getting through.