How the international wealth management industry is responding to unprecedented market disruption, regulatory change and the rise of post-truth politics is set to be explored at Jersey Finance’s Annual Private Wealth Conference in London next month.

Taking place on 16 May 2017 at 8 Northumberland Avenue, the half day event entitled ‘A New Harmony’, will feature broadcaster and political commentator Nick Robinson, who will offer an insight into the rapidly changing UK and wider political environment.

Professor Jason Sharman, the Sir Patrick Sheehy Professor of International Relations at the University of Cambridge, will also be returning to the conference to participate in a ‘fireside chat’ with Jersey Finance CEO, Geoff Cook, to discuss regulation across global financial markets. Drawing on research from his latest book, ‘The Despot’s Guide to Wealth Management’, which examines global rules designed to counter grand corruption, Professor Sharman will discuss money laundering and the role international financial centres (IFCs) play in combatting financial crime.

In addition, tax and financial regulation legal expert Richard Hay, will also give a keynote speech looking at how IFCs are adapting in an increasingly complex market to meet the needs of globally mobile clients, whilst renowned behavioural economist and journalist Tim Harford will give a closing address.

A series of discussion sessions will also examine how IFCs s are differentiating themselves as private wealth management centres, with a particular focus on the importance of reputational advantage, legislative innovation, and moves into emerging areas such as philanthropy and impact investing. Panelists will include James Quarmby of Stephenson Harwood LLP, Tim Robinson of Schillings, Siobhan Riley of Carey Olsen, Zillah Howard of Bedell Cristin, Kathryn Purkis of Serle Court, Naomi Rive of Highvern, and Professor Andrew Morriss of Texas A&M University School of Law. 

Geoff Cook, who will be introducing the conference, commented:

“Significant changes in the geopolitical landscape over the last year have meant that adopting innovative approaches to new challenges is absolutely vital for international finance centres. At the same time, there’s no doubt that stability, something that Jersey prides itself on, is right at the top of the wish list for private wealth advisers. Balancing progress through innovation with a stable and consistent environment is so important, and this conference will give us an opportunity to demonstrate how Jersey is doing just that, to remain a safe and high quality centre for private wealth business.

“Whilst political change, particularly Brexit, continues to be a key issue, the spotlight globally is still firmly on transparency, information exchange and beneficial ownership too, and with that in mind I am delighted to be able to welcome a high calibre line-up of speakers to this year’s conference all of whom will provide a fascinating analysis of an increasingly complex international wealth management landscape.”

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