Intertrust has launched a FinTech innovation to help those with pensions or investments to forecast and plan how they could achieve their financial goals.

InVision is a financial modelling system that provides clients with a full detailed analysis of expected outcomes and empowers users to feel confident in their decision making.

The tool has been launched at a time when the pensions market is undergoing rapid change, which will be covered at the inaugural Jersey International Pension Conference at the Royal Yacht Hotel on Friday 12 May.

Changes in the pensions market have resulted in many individuals wanting to take ownership of their retirement plans to ensure their future financial needs are met adequately and Intertrust’s modelling system is available to individual clients as well as employers and employees.

The system will use factors such as age, current portfolios, risk appetite, desired annual income and total targets to model the best solution for participants and helps offer a clear strategy for forward planning.

Crucially, the tool also considers external factors such as inflation and interest rates to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Mark Lindsay, head of pensions at Intertrust and chairman of the Jersey International Pension Conference, said: “It’s no secret that the pensions market is evolving and the upcoming conference will touch on this as well as developments in the sector and what makes the Channel Islands a jurisdiction of choice for international pensions.

“We feel strongly that this is the right time to empower our pension and investment clients and provide them with the confidence that sound financial modelling can yield.  InVision is interactive and user-friendly and will provide our clients with an indication today of what their pension savings will provide them with in the future, when the time comes to draw down their entitlement.”

The inaugural Jersey International Pension Conference takes place at The Royal Yacht Hotel and tickets can be booked online at