Intertrust invited Jersey students to take part in an interview training day as part of its commitment to teaching employability skills to the island’s future workforce.

Every year Intertrust runs several training sessions for young people and six students took part in the recent training day. They learnt valuable interview skills to prepare them for their future employment searches in whichever sector they choose to pursue a career.

As well as interview skills, the Intertrust Human Resources team gave the students tips on how to build their CV to impress potential employers. Advice included taking on part-time roles to demonstrate skills and thinking about responsibilities they hold which relate to the job they are applying for.

Students also learnt the importance of their behaviour in an interview setting. They were encouraged to relax and be themselves, acknowledging that employers want to understand their qualifications and also find out who they are as a person.

After an interview simulation exercise the students were provided with individual feedback, to help build on their pre-existing strengths.

Chloe Minson, Senior Resourcing Advisor at Intertrust, trained the students and said: “We have such talented young people in Jersey and we want to make sure they’re equipped and reach their full potential. The students did very well in the interviews. It was a great opportunity to give them tips and explain what employers are looking for. We want their personalities and skills to shine through so that they have the best chance of getting their dream job.”

Jacob Smed, Managing Director at Intertrust Jersey, said: “Interviews can be a daunting experience for anyone, especially students who may never have been through the process and are unfamiliar with working in a professional environment.  We hope the students have learnt a lot from the day and that they feel more prepared and now know what to expect when entering the world of work. It’s important we share our expertise with our up-and-coming young people, being able to help just one student will make it all worth it. We have had some fantastic feedback and hope to continue this initiative as we’re committed to developing our young people’s skills to ensure they thrive in their careers.”