Ipes Jersey has joined an educational scheme to help people wanting to pursue a career in the island’s finance industry gain the relevant experience.
The Highland’s College Foundation Degree programme is aimed at those who want to take the next step in their full-time education or those thinking about a change in career.
Drew McKim is Ipes’ first student undertaking a placement with the company, he explains why he decided to join the scheme, “I ran into the never ending circle of “you can’t get a job without experience and you can’t get experience without a job”, so I decided to go back into education and after hearing about this course that not only allows students to complete a foundation degree on island and if they wanted, an honours degree, but that also gives students the opportunity to spend half of their term time in work experience.”
“So far I have begun to get an in depth look at the many different financial services and I have had the opportunity to practice my interview skills through mock interviews which has led me to reshape the way that I would apply for a job and the approach I would take at interview.” Drew concludes.
Nigel Strachan Ipes Jersey’s Managing Director says, “We are delighted to be a Partner of Highlands College in this scheme which is so beneficial to both the students and the companies taking part. If we can up-skill our community to enable us to recruit the right people locally it can only be a successful programme.”
The fantastic appeal with this course is that it includes actual experience in the work place and the industry which the students are learning about. Through the scheme having this mix I think it really prepares the students for the transition into a full time career arming them with the practical skills needed for their future career.” Nigel concludes.
Ipes is also an active supporter of Jersey’s works experience scheme and hosts a number of students throughout the year on week placements. Meng Fong spent a week with Ipes Jersey last year and this month will take up a full time role as an Accounts Preparer in one of Ipes’ client teams.
For more information on the Foundation Programme you can visit: www.highlands.ac.uk or contact Ipes’ Group HR Manager Teresa Jackson-Guillou (teresa.jackson-guillou@ipes.com).