The Grace Trust is a local Jersey charity who work with and for the vulnerable community. Their aim is to offer support to those who may be struggling with issues such as loneliness, addiction, separation, low self-esteem or just find it difficult to fit into a hectic world.

One of their activities is a corporate cooking day, which is a monthly project where around 250 meals are made and then frozen to use for food banks.

Recently some IQ-EQ Jersey staff members took their charity leave day to take part in this corporate cooking day to give back to the community. 237 meals were made for the food bank.

We also got the chance to speak to two members of the team that run the charity, who gave us an insight into just how important these meals are to members of the community who are struggling.

This is one of several cooking days that will be taking place this year and we hope to continue to support the charity and our community by making even more meals!