Innovative offshore IT services provider Itex has significantly bolstered its own IT infrastructure to facilitate improved efficiencies and cost-savings for local businesses. Itex is not only the first organisation in the Channel Islands and the UK to deploy this dynamic automated platform, but they are also the first in Europe to offer it for business use.

The innovative platform, named Matrix, will reside in Jersey and according to industry sources, could reduce local businesses’ operational costs by approximately 80 percent, recouping payback after eight months. Matrix will revolutionise the way technology is used to deliver business services. The intelligent, agile system will ultimately allow businesses to flex and scale their IT needs simply and quickly according to demand – at the push of a button. This powerful offering greatly eases complex tasks such as integrating new servers and storage online or simplifying disaster recovery. Itex first reviewed the system from Hewlett Packard, the world’s largest computer company, a year ago and recognised its potential then as the industry’s first converged software, server, storage and networking platform.

Dr Ian Jauncey, Chairman of Itex Jersey says, “What really excites us about this technology is the speed and flexibility it allows us to design, build and manage optimum IT solutions for the businesses we work with. It dynamically assigns resources to meet the needs of the business in minutes versus weeks or months.

This piece of kit is going to allow us to pass on unparalleled efficiencies to clients who are looking to IT solutions to deliver cost advantages to their business. We have invested over £0.5M in this platform because we are continually committed to ensuring that we offer clients the best Enterprise Class Technology, to help them transform they way they operate.”

Ian continues, “This hardware will underpin Itex’s portfolio of Managed Services – which include Cloud Computing offerings like Hosted Desktop. Together, these offerings create an integrated pool of resources that operate in both physical and virtual environments, creating the first truly business-ready infrastructure.”

Itex offers its Hosted Desktop cloud-based service to local businesses to help drive down IT costs and promote efficiency. Itex is the only provider to have offered offshore flexible, scalable cloud services for the past two years and currently manages over 5,000 desktops with 24/7 service desk support. With hosted desktop, organisations simply need to provide internet access to staff who are then provided with their normal full desktop suite of software applications.

Itex has invested over £5M to help facilitate business innovation. We continue to work with leading global technology partners such as Hewlett Packard, who supplied the world-class Matrix technology, Microsoft and Cisco to offer innovative, superior IT services.