On 17th May 2011, Jersey launched a new Association specifically focused on the requirements of company directors and officers operating in the Island. There is a local need for the timely dissemination of news, information and comment on matters directly relevant to Jersey directors. Within this group dwells the Island’s wealth of experience, so to tap this source of quality knowledge will benefit the Island generally in terms of contribution to consultation processes and offering solutions as well as helping to maintain standards amongst the Association’s members and their various boards.

The Association provides this group of specialists a voice amongst industry and before various other bodies including Jersey Finance, the Jersey Funds Association and the Jersey Financial Services Commission. At a time when the focus is increasingly on those executing decisions at board level where mind, management, control, oversight and ultimate responsibility lies – the establishing of this Association is perhaps timely but also important to the smooth flow of quality information and maintenance of standards.

The Association welcomes all directors operating in Jersey including those on the boards of trading companies, fund companies, structured finance vehicles and holding companies. The broader the spectrum of membership, the more valuable the Association shall become in developing an identifiable college of Jersey practising directors working together for the benefit of their industry and Jersey generally.

Membership will include regular meetings and a newsletter (providing updates, hot topics, legislative and regulatory changes) but more importantly the occasional fast track ad hoc bulletin relaying important relevant news at the time. Members will be invited to join working parties, contribute on consultation papers and ‘have a say’ on appropriate Continuous Professional Development whereupon relevant events will be organised by the Association. Other benefits are listed in the Association’s joining papers which may in time include the development and maintenance of a website.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Association should contact Vernon Breese on 07797 753605, email: vernonbreese@hotmail.com or any one of the support committee members by email as listed below.

John Wetherall – jwjersey@gmail.com
Mark Chambers – mark.chambers@mourantozannes.com
Miguel Arraya – miguelarraya@hotmail.com
Andrew Wignall – wignall.andrew@googlemail.com
Heather Bestwick – heather.bestwick@jerseyfinance.je
Swithun Mason – smason@mars-cap.com