Jersey Finance say the latest figures contained in the Jersey Business Tendency Survey about the prospects for the Finance Industry are encouraging

While the outlook for the Island and in particular for the non-finance sectors, undoubtedly remains challenging, there is more cause for optimism in the finance industry figures. One figure especially deserves note which is that the view of the industry on future profits is positive. Geoff Cook, ceo Jersey Finance, commented:

‘The policies of the States and in particular, the timely and targeted fiscal stimulus during this downturn in the cycle, clearly remain important in helping the local economy return to growth.

As a body, we remain dedicated to helping drive the growth and diversification of our finance industry for the benefit of the whole island. Finance delivers over 40% of GVA, a quarter of jobs, more than £300m per year in taxes and spends over £1m a day on local goods and services, so a healthy finance industry supports a healthy Jersey economy.