The Chief Minister will join Deputy Gavin St Pier, Chief Minister of Guernsey, for a series of meetings with the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament and Ambassadors (Permanent Representatives) of several EU Member States.

Commenting on the visit Geoff Cook, CEO, Jersey Finance, said:

“Maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders at the heart of European politics and explaining Jersey’s mutually beneficial role with Europe is absolutely vital, particularly against a Brexit backdrop.


“We know that Jersey plays a positive role in enabling the flow of capital to and from EU Member States – independent research shows that around one third of our investment funds business here touches the EU, whilst activity here facilitates inward investment flows into the EU to the tune of EUR190bn each year, supporting almost 100,000 jobs on the continent and making a net tax contribution of nearly EUR1bn for EU governments.


“Post-Brexit, we anticipate that Jersey could play an even bigger role in enabling capital to flow to and from the EU to generate returns for EU investors and support infrastructure development – all in one of the best regulated, most transparent environments in the world. Telling that story is crucially important.”