Jersey Finance hosts second edition of “Women and Wealth Management 2019 Events Series” in the Gulf region to empower women in fulfilling their roles as key partners in building the future of the nation.

  • The event series covered various important topics including international trends in regulatory and legal architecture on wealth preservation and structuring
  • The events allowed GCC women to network with leading wealth practitioners, lawyers, investment managers, fund managers and other finance professionals

Jersey Finance recently hosted the 2019 Women and Wealth Management Events Series in Jeddah, Kuwait and Dubai. Sponsored by Carey Olsen, Equiom, Highvern and VG, the events welcomed the huge appetite from women in the GCC looking to engage in conversations around the latest financial and wealth management practices in the Gulf region. The three events attracted more than 200 attendees and hosted a panel of distinguished guest speakers who discussed the latest industry trends and provided insights on the Gulf region’s evolving financial landscape.

With Gulf women continuously cultivating financial literacy and interest in understanding strategies available to help grow, preserve and secure their wealth for future generations, the GCC has become home to a pool of talented women actively contributing to shaping their countries financial future. Acknowledging this, Jersey Finance continues to invest in knowledge-exchange platforms that add value to the local communities.

The events featured a panel of industry experts who offered insights on international trends in the regulatory and legal architecture relating to wealth preservation. Panelists also exchanged information on wealth structuring strategies, international fiscal transparency initiatives as well as the changes that lie ahead for family businesses in the region. Additionally, the events covered several key topics ranging from asset protection and growth, sound financial planning and international investment, to governance and succession planning.

The 2019 Women and Wealth Management Event Series were hosted by Jersey Finance’s Deputy CEO, Amy Bryant and GCC-based Director, Ella Moldoveanu who led the networking sessions alongside members of Jersey’s GCC and London advisory communities, including wealth practitioners, lawyers, trustees, investment managers, fund managers and other finance professionals. Furthermore, the events featured prominent keynote speakers who shared industry insights with attendees.

Commenting on sidelines of the event, Amy Bryant, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Jersey Finance said: “We are thrilled with the continuous success that the Women and Wealth Management Event Series has had in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE. There is a high level of optimism surrounding the many benefits that the GCC will reap by having more Gulf businesswomen and leaders at the forefront of the region’s financial decision-making process.

“As a forward thinking IFC, Jersey plays a key role in the region in assisting and educating women on options to achieve their financial aspirations, having built up strong local relationships and knowledge over more than five decades.” she continued.

Photos from the event can be found on the Jersey Finance Flickr account.