Further to the confirmation provided by the French Ministry of Finance in December 2013 announcing that Jersey has been removed from France’s list of non-cooperative jurisdictions, Jersey Finance welcomes the publication of an order (arrêté) by Pierre Moscovici, the Minister for the Economy and Finance, on Sunday 19 January 2014.

The order formalises the decision by the French authorities to remove Jersey from its list of non-cooperative jurisdictions, confirming that the criteria for tax cooperation with France had been met by Jersey.

Geoff Cook, CEO, Jersey Finance commented:

“The publication of the order is welcome news and provides clarity regarding the non-application of withholding tax in relation to business between Jersey and France.

This confirmation follows the hard work undertaken by Jersey’s government in conjunction with French authorities in recent months to ensure that Jersey can be removed from the non-cooperative list, which included making amendments to Jersey’s regulations relating to information exchange.  Jersey will continue to respond with speed and efficacy in relation to information requests under all existing Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs) and is fully committed to meeting international obligations.”