Jersey Financial Services Commission

Jersey’s position as a leading jurisdiction for company registration has been reinforced with the re-election of Julian Lamb to senior positions on three international bodies.  Jersey’s Companies Registry operates within the Jersey Financial Services Commission (the “Commission”), and Mr Lamb is Director, Registry, within the Commission.

He has been re-elected as the chair of the international section of the International Association of Commercial Administrators (“IACA”), which represents the business registries of the United States and Canada.  Mr Lamb has been instrumental in the signing of a memorandum of understanding between IACA and the World Bank, and by remaining in the post will be the point of contact between IACA and World Bank.

Mr Lamb has also been re-elected to the five-member board of the European Business Registry (“EBR”), and has been appointed deputy chairman of the board and rotating chairman of the annual general meeting.  The EBR members include 25 European countries which hold information on more than 24 million companies.  The organisation is also at the forefront of inter-business registry communication across Europe.

Mr Lamb’s third re-appointment has been as website secretariat for the European Commerce Registries’ Forum (“ECRF”).  He is responsible for its administration and is the primary contact for communications relating to the memorandum of understanding signed last month between the ECRF and the Corporate Registers Forum (“CRF”).

The Commission’s Director General, John Harris, holds the statutory position of Registrar of Companies.  He said: “Julian’s appointments not only ensure that the Island retains a high profile internationally but also has many benefits within Jersey.

“By being a central influence in organisations such as IACA and EBR, Jersey has been able to monitor and implement technological and registry advances without making significant investments.  Instead, we have formed strong relationships with other jurisdictions and they have supplied information and technology that we have used to develop and improve our own system.

“Julian’s close relationship with the World Bank has brought home how important it is to register business entities so that governments are able to fulfil their obligations to monitor, support and tax them.  The Companies Registry has to remain as accessible and simple to use as possible if Jersey is to continue to meet such obligations.”

Jersey’s positions on IACA, EBR and other organisations (see notes to editors) are enabling the Island to influence legislation and to adopt and develop best practice in the training of Registry staff and the use of new technology.  They have also been instrumental in the development of Jersey’s legislation covering the registering of intellectual property and security interests.

Mr Lamb said: “Our presence on the boards of IACA and EBR helps us to maintain an efficient service for our users, which is one of the Registry’s key objectives.  For example, whilst Jersey’s Companies Registry website is currently easy to use, it is not based on the technologies used by today’s school leaver. In the next few years we will begin to introduce access to the Registry through social networking sites and other routes, as other registries globally are beginning to do, because today’s students will be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and they will expect it.”