The meeting of Commonwealth ministers and senior finance officials is held in conjunction with the IMF and World Bank annual meetings, which will continue until 11 October. Throughout the week, Senator Ozouf will attend meetings with delegations from G20 countries and with senior executives from global institutions with businesses in Jersey. Meetings are aimed at both reinforcing relationships with global institutions with a presence in Jersey and attracting new business.

Senator Ozouf said “This annual finance event is one of the best attended meetings of the global community of financial services ministers, central bank governors and senior finance industry executives. The keynote speech today will concentrate on actions taken by the G20 and the OECD to enhance transparency in the fight against tax evasion. Jersey has an increasingly strong message regarding the part we continue to play in the global move towards greater transparency.

“We have actively supported the United Kingdom Prime Minister and it is notable that the Chancellor will also be in Lima. It is more important than ever before that Jersey's voice is heard on the world stage. This conference is an opportunity for me to hold bilateral ministerial meetings and for our senior official to meet counterparts from governments around the world with the objective of boosting Jersey jobs and growth.

“Jersey is a world-class centre of excellence for innovation in financial services. My role here is to promote that, as well as our new and growing tech and FinTech sectors.”