Top International Trainer and Former Canadian Police Officer Specialising in Electronic Crime Runs 2 Day Jersey Course

Following the oversubscribed, open source intelligence training course, run last year; Comsure is offering a more in-depth and hands on course of 2 days in February. The course will be run by Arni Stinnissen, of Toddington International Inc., an expert in finding out real facts on the internet. A former Detective Staff Sergeant with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Manager of the OPP's Electronic Crime, Arni has a broad background in the investigation of Electronic Crime. He will share hands on knowledge on how to find things out about individuals and organisations, that they would rather you not know. These workshops are the first to be offered to the general public. Previously Toddington International Inc. has only offered its services and insights to Channel Islands public bodies such as the States of Jersey Police and the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

Gary Godel, former director of enforcement at the Jersey Financial Services Commission and now head of regulatory risk at Comsure said "This sort of training and knowledge is vital for people working in financial services. Customer Due Diligence is not straight forward and criminals are getting more and more skilful at hiding their real identities and money sources. But, there are no excuses! You have to take all reasonable steps to demonstrate that you have carried out appropriate due diligence at all times. This course can give you skills and knowledge that will help to protect you and your business from this real risk."

The recent case of Peter Gwinnell, who was prosecuted at Southwark Crown Court, clearly illustrates the need to be sure of who people really are. Mr Gwinnell used a fake CV to win a £165,000-a-year job as the deputy chief executive of a City investment bank. However convincing, people seem, you need to make in-depth extensive checks. This course will enable participants to use and test key tips, find short cuts and receive hands on guidance from a leading expert. Attendees will undertake investigatory case studies gaining practical knowledge that they will apply back in their office.

Arni Stinnissen, commented “This course works! I know of many cases where people have undertaken this training and have used the skills obtained to prevent fraud, find out vital information about competitors, save their corporations thousands of pounds, solve crimes and even save lives”

The course is limited to 20 attendees and will be run on the 28th February and 1st March.