We are pleased to report a set of steady figures for our island’s finance industry, in the most recent quarterly figures collated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC).

For Q3, it was reported that the net asset value of regulated funds under administration in Jersey increased by £29bn a rise from £458.5bn to £487.5bn.

The JFSC also reported that the total value of banking deposits held in Jersey increased from £136.1bn to £144.3bn.

In addition, the value of total funds under investment management stood at £29.9bn. These figures do not include the total assets under management within the Qualifying Segregated Managed Accounts (QSMA) which stood at £3.3bn at the end of the quarter.

Meanwhile, there were 586 Jersey Private Funds (JPFs) registered. The JPF offers a cost-effective and fast-track solution for funds with easy access to European investors. The steady growth of JPFs in recent years can be attributed to the speed and ease of establishment, usually between 48 hours if an application meets the criteria set out by the JFSC.

Find out more about JPFs on our dedicated website page.

Corporate activity remained strong with 35,515 live companies on the register and 108 General Insurance Mediation Business (GIMBs) were registered.

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