• BSc (Hons) Management with Compliance
• BSc (Hons) Management with Trusts and Estates

The Commission (JFSC) recognises these two degree programmes offered by the Business School through the University of Manchester Business School as Table 4 qualifications

Bill Howarth, CEO of the ICA, has worked for the last three years with the University in order to launch these new qualifications The University of Manchester Business School has for a number of years worked closely with the ICA and STEP in the offering of Diploma programmes.

After a number of years the University will now offer top-up degrees in the disciplines of Management with Compliance, and Management with Trusts and Estates. This offering enhances and helps people to build upon their studies – 100s of students have already taken their diplomas in Jersey so this is the next logical step for career progression. These are the first degrees of their kind developed globally with the benefit of being delivered locally. It is an excellent opportunity for residents to achieve a degree without leaving the Island.

The International aspect is extremely pertinent for an offshore centre like Jersey who deal with a host of different jurisdictions. With such a large Trust industry on Island it is essential to keep up to date with compliance. Many indexes indicate that the two degrees offer excellent value in relation to career development and opportunities and The University of Manchester Business School has recently been voted No. 1 for International Business. F

ree Briefing Sessions are being held at the Jersey International Business School on Monday 24 January since the programmes start in June with an enrolment date of 25 March. For more information contact Nikki Holland on 816333 or at nikkiholland@jerseyibs.com

ENDS Note to Editors Bill Howarth is the Chief Executive Officer of the International Compliance Association (ICA) and is responsible for its global Compliance, AML and Financial Crime prevention policy and initiatives. From a legal and university teaching background he still lectures at international conferences and on university courses and programmes. Former positions include Principal of a distance learning college and several university posts, including academic and directorial positions. Bill has written extensively in the field of trusts, estates and international law and has published books on private international law. Bill is the general editor of the ICA course manuals and materials and designed and edited the education courses and qualifications for the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

‘At the ICA, we are committed to increasing knowledge and professionalism throughout financial services, all over the world. We believe in investing in staff as part of an integral approach to combating the increasing risks to our industry. We undertake to disseminate knowledge, guidance, information and practical skills in an ongoing strategy to constantly improve business performance. We seek global partnerships and form alliances with those like-minded entities in order to further our objectives. We aim to help individuals and firms improve so they are better placed to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.’ Bill Howarth, CEO, International Compliance Association