Students in Year 7 at Jersey College for Girls (JCG) are teaming up for the fifth instalment of the Hawksford JCG Debate Series, which takes place on Thursday 10th July.  

There are two topics for the next debate, including: ‘This house believes that holding the Island Games in Jersey will have a positive impact on our economy’ and ‘This house believes that each Jersey household should own just one car.’  

The next debate is the first in the series that will be entirely organised and argued by junior students at JCG. In March, students from De La Salle, Beaulieu and Hautlieu teamed up with Year 9 and 10 students at JCG to debate the impact of the decline in the printed word on literacy standards and in October 2013, mixed teams of girls and boys from JCG and Grainville came together to tackle the issue of Jersey’s ‘brain drain’ of young talent away from the island.  

‘The previous four debates have been a triumph, capturing the imaginations of both the children taking part and the audiences in attendance. The ability to articulate and pursue an argument is an essential life skill, as is the ability to engage and persuade an audience. The older students have displayed a great talent for these skills at previous debates and I’m sure our Year 7 teams will do the same,’ said Carl Howarth, Principal at JCG.  

Michael Powell, director at Hawksford, said: ‘The students have embraced a variety of challenging and thought provoking subjects throughout the series so far. The students always argue with great passion, knowledge and good humour and I’m looking forward to seeing the younger students take to the stage.’  

‘We are very grateful to Hawksford for their support and are delighted to see how the JCG Hawksford debate series has grown. We would encourage students and families from all schools to join us for what will be a thought-provoking and fun evening,’ added Leanda Jane Guy, Foundation Director, JCG.  

The Hawksford JCG Debate Series has been created in order to encourage public speaking, the voicing of opinions and to create a bridge between today’s leaders and those of tomorrow. The Debate Series focuses on the key theme, and Hawksford’s positioning statement, thinking beyond tomorrow, with many of the topics relating to those covered in Hawksford’s thought paper of the same name.  

The Hawksford sponsored Debate Series launched at a reception at the House of Commons in October 2012, which was organised to celebrate the launch of Hawksford’s thought paper publication. The publication brought together leading individuals from the realms of business, society, education and culture to look at the trends, issues and opportunities that might affect the world’s future.  

The debate takes place in the JCG Hall on Thursday 10th July. The doors open at 6:30pm and complimentary drinks and canapés will be served after the event.