Date: Friday 20 November
Location: KPMG, 27 Esplanade
Time: 8:00am – 9:30am

We will be moving the date of our FinTech breakfast club from Friday 13 to Friday 20 November and we hope you will be able to join us.

As you may be aware, KPMG were recently engaged by Digital Jersey to assist in the development of their business plan and in particular assist them in identifying and prioritising their limited business development resources on a smaller number of initiatives.  It is clear that one of these initiatives is likely to be that of FinTech and we would welcome your assistance to understand what particular aspects of FinTech would be most appropriate to develop, attract and grow in Jersey.  We clearly recognise that whist Jersey is a successful finance centre, it is very much a focused centre with a few specific areas of finance and want to ensure our analysis reflects this.

Therefore, we have decided to combine the monthly networking with a brainstorming opportunity.  Our rooms will be laid out whereby there will be a couple of rooms where general networking, caffeine and pastry loading can take place! There will also be a room with whiteboards, post its etc to discuss the future of Fintech and areas to consider and focus on, together with blockers / incentives that may need to be resolved.

We really would welcome all ideas and thoughts and look forward to talking soon.