Responding to rising demand for enhanced standards in the boardroom, the Jersey International Business School has launched a Directors Awareness Certificate designed to equip Directors with the core skills required to discharge their duties competently. The new qualification, awarded by the JIBS Academy, is taught by a host of experts including Richard Smerdon, (author of ‘A practical guide to Corporate Governance’), Kate Anthony Wilkinson (Head of Group Legal and Company Secretary at Mulberry Group Plc) and Stephen Platt (Stephen Platt & Associates LLP and Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Law at Georgetown University, Washington DC). The qualification will cover the following core subjects: •The Board and its Directors •Board Composition and Performance •Financial Management & Reporting •The Board’s Role in Assessing and Managing Risk The qualification is delivered through a newly established Faculty of Leadership & management at the Business School, chaired by Miles Templeman the recently retired Director General of the IoD. The qualification is taught in six days spread over a four month period. It can either be taken as a stand alone non-examined programme or students can be examined leading to certification. “The financial crisis has led a lot of market participants and the media to question what qualifies directors to sit around the board room table. There is a growing recognition that being a good director is a professional discipline that requires specialist training. We have an excellent reputation in Jersey for our technical knowhow and we think Jersey should also take the lead in demonstrating professionalism in the boardroom. After all many people in Jersey make a living from ‘managing and controlling’ companies for clients across the World’. Stephen Platt, Executive Director, Jersey International Business School In addition to the new Directors Qualification, the Faculty of Leadership & Management will also offer the following new Programmes: •JIBS Management Skills Development Programme •JIBS High Potential Leadership Programme As the exclusive provider of a host of globally recognised qualifications including the CLT, ICA, STEP, CISI, CII, IMC and CMI, the school can now add the JIBS Academy to that list. This is a newly-established awarding body that has the provision of professional qualifications and educational certificates as its sole statutory objective. Chaired by Professor David Jackman, the Academy has a dedicated secretariat with a set of comprehensive rules and regulations governing examinations. The new Faculty and JIBS Academy have been established as the new JIBS Prospectus is launched for 2012. The school now offers 2 degrees in association with The University of Manchester Business School, 31 professional qualifications, 10 Certificated Awareness Programmes, and over 40 short courses