Lawyers and accountants representing significant family wealth in the north of England are to be introduced to a wealth management alternative to trusts and companies: the Jersey foundation.

The event, which is aimed at developing greater understanding of Jersey foundations, takes place on Friday 13th May in Leeds. About 30 private client professionals will take part in a seminar focusing on the benefits of Jersey foundations to high net worth families looking to protect and enhance their wealth over generations.

The seminar has been organised by the Herald Group in association with Channel Island law firm, Collas Crill. Collas Crill’s Head of Wealth Planning, Advocate Richard Pirie, will address the representatives of high net worth families and individuals alongside Mark Layzell, Managing Director of Herald Wealth, the wealth advisory member of the Herald Group, at the LS1 Club.

The advantages of Jersey foundations are clear to Advocate Pirie.
“A Jersey foundation is ideal for structuring family interests over generations. It combines the advantages of companies and trusts, and importantly, gives high net worth families and their advisers another option when planning long-term wealth management strategies.”

Mark Layzell is looking forward to letting people know about the benefits that Jersey and its foundations law has to offer.
“Jersey’s foundations law, and the benefits which a Jersey foundation can offer over trusts and companies, should be of interest to all professional advisers when looking for new wealth management solutions for their clients.

“People coming to the event will probably be familiar with trusts and companies but are unlikely to have heard a great deal about the Island’s foundations law. They won’t learn about Jersey foundations unless we go out and tell them, which is why we’ve developed a schedule of events to advise private client professionals across the UK.”

The breakfast seminar in Leeds starts at 0800 in the LS1 Club on Friday 13th May 2011.