Mont à l’Abbé School are the lucky recipients of a makeover this week as a group of volunteers help to improve the outside space around the portacabins being used during the renovation of the school building. The project, that will be of huge benefit to the school children, is to highlight Mencap’s Learning Disability Week. The makeover challenge kicks off a week of events nationally to raise awareness of learning disabilities. Volunteers from Voisin law firm and Volaw trust company will be taking time off work on Friday 19th June to help some of the pupils create a garden that the children can use for learning and play. Voisin and Volaw have agreed to pay for playhouses, plants, tubs and bright colourful outdoor beanbags and parasols as part of their ongoing support of the School. Debbie Bartlett, Teacher, Mont à l’Abbé School said: ‘Voisin and Volaw are great friends to the school and this latest initiative is a wonderful way to highlight Learning Disability Week. We need to raise awareness through positive actions and the garden planting will really make a difference to the children’s time at school. This garden will give the children a wonderful opportunity to learn about nature and wildlife while enjoying the benefit from the healthy and therapeutic aspects of horticulture. The children have been fully included in this project, preparing the garden area by weeding and digging before planting. They also chose the plants for their garden by selecting fragrant plants like lavender for those who would enjoy the sensory More …….. Learning Disability Week Makeover Project / 2 smells and flowers with bright striking colours, to enhance their garden. In science the children have been learning how to care for plants and we have already prepared a rota for watering duties!’ Learning Disability Week is run by Mencap and this year it will be held from 22nd to 28th June. The aim of the week is to raise awareness of the need for services and care for those with learning disabilities. The theme this year is ‘Changing Places, Changing Lives’ which gave the volunteer team in Jersey the idea for the garden makeover. George Jeffries, Head of Marketing, Voisin and Volaw, said: ‘Supplying stimulus for all the senses is incredibly important for the development of children with learning disabilities. Finishing the garden will mean that they can benefit from learning outside as well as in the classroom. We’ve learnt a lot from working with Mont à l’Abbé School and it’s a delight to actively do something for the children. We thought this project would be a good way of highlighting Learning Disability Week locally and getting people to think about what they could do to improve the lives of others.’ – (ends) – Issued by Natasha Egré, OTL PR, Tel: 01534 725521, email: