Local artist, Ian Rolls, will be introduced to a collection of art lovers and potential clients, thanks to an exhibition to be hosted by the Barclays Wealth Premier team.

In July this year Chief Minister, Terry Le Sueur, officially opened the new Barclays Wealth Premier Suite, the wealth manager’s first dedicated Premier lounge in the islands. The launch of the suite represented a significant investment into the local market by Barclays Wealth and has been designed to ensure that Barclays Wealth’s most discerning customers have the privacy, effective and efficient service which they require.

Clients of the Barclays Wealth Premier team will be treated to an art exhibition in their dedicated lounge this December, with a series of 16 coastal watercolours from local artist, Mr Rolls, on display. The paintings will be available to view by all Premier clients between Monday 6th and Friday 10th December.  Barclays Wealth is also hosting art appreciation evenings for clients throughout the week, giving Mr Rolls an opportunity to meet and discuss his works with potential customers.

‘I am delighted to have been asked to exhibit my work in the Barclays Wealth Premier Suite,’ said Mr Rolls.  ‘It will give me a great opportunity to be introduced to potential clients who may not otherwise have had the chance to see my work. I am very grateful to Barclays Wealth for their supportive gesture and hope that many more organisations will consider extending the same helping hand to other local artists – it can be quite difficult to get your work in front of new groups of people.’

The Barclays Wealth Premier team is very pleased to be helping Mr Rolls while also offering their clients a unique experience. ‘We have a fantastic space in our new Premier Suite which lends itself perfectly to art exhibitions. I am very much looking forward to our evening events at which Ian will be able to talk about his pieces – I hope we help him to secure a commission or sale,’ said Carol Bisson, head of local markets, Barclays Wealth. ‘We like to offer our clients added value service and we think they will enjoy the opportunity to view their own private exhibition, particularly as many of them already have a keen interest in the arts’

Mr Rolls is a full time artist who has been based in Jersey for most of his life. Despite his deep Jersey roots he has spent prolonged periods living and working in India and Sri Lanka, cultures which have deeply affected his life, and more recently two years in Devon. Mr Rolls has travelled widely, providing an important source of inspiration and has shown his work in solo or group exhibitions in India, Sri Lanka, Germany, France, England and regularly in Jersey. Wherever he is in the world, the images he produces are characteristically distorted, playful and uplifting.

Mr Rolls draws with his left hand despite being naturally right-handed. But far from unnatural, this way of drawing produces a spontaneity and freedom of line that is as much related to the subconscious as the conscious. He has practiced meditation for many years and this has directly influenced his way of working. This rapid and wayward wrong-handed drawing technique is in contrast with his method of right-handed painting, which is careful and considered. The combination of two very different ways of working within each picture, using both hands and both sides of the brain, gives Mr Rolls’ work its distinctive and unique style. Mr Rolls’ work can be viewed at www.ianrolls.co.uk.

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