Voisin law firm will be giving their full support to Jersey Legacy Week by hosting a presentation, providing free consultations and discounting their services. Jersey Legacy Week commences on Monday 24th September 2012 and is an initiative designed by the Association of Jersey Charities. The intention is to encourage people to leave legacies to local charities. It follows the success of the International Legacy Giving Day, which was held last year. Voisin law firm will be helping to promote the week by encouraging members of the public to leave part of their estate to a charity. Voisin advocate Jeffrey Giovannoni, will be hosting a presentation titled ‘Leaving a Legacy in Your Will’ on Thursday 27th September at St Paul’s Centre from 12noon until 1pm. Voisin’s Wills and Probate department will be on hand to answer questions and give further support. The local law firm will also be offering discounts on Wills services. There will be 25% off for individuals who make a Will during Legacy Week and a discount of 50% for current clients who would like to make an addition to their Will during that time. Lyn Wilton, Administrator, Association of Jersey Charities, commented: ‘It’s getting harder to keep going and raise funds so receiving an unexpected legacy can make a huge difference to securing the long term future of a charity. Of the 65% of people who give to charity during their lifetimes, only 4% leave a gift to charity in their Will.’ Anne Hembry, Head of Wills and Probate, Voisin law firm, added: ‘Jersey Legacy Week is a fantastic initiative. The whole team at Voisin is behind it and we will be working hard during the week to generate awareness. The economic climate has had an adverse effect on funds for charities and we understand times have been very difficult for them. We hope locals will be motivated to support local charities in any way they can.’