In 1963 Martin Luther King, an equally inspirational but flawed man delivered his ‘I have a dream’ speech that was to have such dramatic and far reaching effect on civil rights in America.

In Britain, the Profumo scandal broke, American Express introduced the first credit card, and the Great Train robbery took place.

In 1963 the first touch tone phone was introduced, flymo produced its first hover mower, Lawrence of Arabia hit the box office, and Dr Who was first transmitted to our TV screens.

1963 was the year that Beatlemania burst onto the music scene and arrived in the Channel Islands with a series of concerts at Springfield Stadium.

Jersey Evening Post 1963

Jersey Evening Post

Looking back reminded me that only a couple of years before in 1961 the modern finance industry in Jersey began. At the Heritage gala evening we held in 2011 we announced that we had raised £50,000 for charity:-

“Over the last 50 years though, we have become more than an industry, we have become an integral part of the community. We are not just finance workers; we are people who care about where we live. We are parents who coach football teams, and volunteer at schools, people who work for and support charities by running, walking, baking, and donating. At this time, we should consider the next 50 years of living and working in Jersey, and what more we can contribute, which is what tonight is about.”

In all the looking back this week it is timely to reflect on the debt we owe those who were the architects of the peace, prosperity and freedoms we enjoy today. Time to realise that we have an obligation to continue to build an enduring and sustainable legacy, as we in turn will pass the baton to the next generation, and be judged by the quality of what we leave behind.