Members of Voisin law firm and Volaw trust company will be bringing their musical talents to Mont à l'Abbé Primary School on 10th February at 2pm for a special Valentines event. Each school class has been asked to submit their favourite love songs and the Voisin and Volaw team will pick songs at random and perform one for each class. The whole school will be able to enjoy the event, which will be held in the school hall.

The Voisin and Volaw band consist of Keith Ponter (Associate Director, Volaw trust company) who will be playing the guitar, Anne Hembry (Probate and Estates Manager, Voisin law firm) who will be playing the piano and Sandra Aguiar (Trust Officer, Volaw trust company) who will be singing.

Sharon Eddie, Headteacher, Mont à l'Abbé Primary School, said: This type of event makes learning fun and has many educational benefits for the children including developing their creative talents, their sense of rhythm and social skills. We are very grateful to Voisin and Volaw for organising the visit and as a thank-you the school choir are practicing some of their current favourites to sing for the band.’

Keith Ponter, Associate Director of Volaw trust company added: ‘Voisin and Volaw are so pleased to be able to arrange this event for the school. It’s not often you see a legal representative, trust officer and director form a band but it’s really enjoyable to do something that the children love so much. We’re going to have everyone singing along and up dancing.’