In Washington D.C. the Minister has been meeting US International Tax counterparts and UK Government representatives to discuss OECD reforms and the homogenisation of Corporate Tax rates. The Minister will travel to New York today to meet new and existing contacts in the Financial Services industry, and to support the ongoing work of the Jersey Finance New York office.

Senator Gorst commented: “The USA is the world’s largest economic power, and a country with which we are looking to develop a closer relationship. Jersey has a number of significant historic, cultural and economic links with the USA and has welcomed a variety of State and Federal representatives as visitors to the Island in recent years.

“An important objective of this trip is to strengthen our relationships with appropriate groups in the US Government, namely the Senate, Congress and the US Treasury. By developing these relationships, it is hoped that Jersey’s stance on the OECD reforms is clearly understood by counterparts and decision-makers in the US.

“It is also critical for us to support the work being undertaken by Jersey Finance in New York. Today I will be speaking and attending a series of events coordinated through their office, which we anticipate will be well-attended by a wide-range of key partners.”