A team from Nedbank Private Wealth joined up with the Marine Biology Section of the Société Jersiaise for a beach clean at Le Braye, St Ouen. An enthusiastic group of 16 took time out of their busy weekends to learn more about the area and clear it of litter.

During the course of the morning, the volunteers managed to fill an industrial-sized wheelie bin with rubbish that had been washed up on the shore.

Gareth Jeffreys, a member of Nedbank Private Wealth’s Sustainability Forum, commented: “We are proud to play a part in protecting the Island’s scenery and wildlife. This initiative is particularly worthwhile when we read so much about the harm that discarded lobster pots, fishing nets and general litter such as spent fireworks can do to the environment. Helping out with this important beach clean, while learning more about the area, made for a very lively and interesting morning.”

Armed with gloves and rubbish sacks, the volunteers cleared as much harmful matter as time allowed, in order to reduce the extensive impacts to Jersey’s local waters and beyond.