Jersey AVS Corporate Services team (JCS) will spend their time in jurisdictions across the globe attracting interest in Jersey from wealthy individuals, fund promoters, banks, listing applicants, asset managers and investment specialists. Many will be introduced directly to local service providers and others will be invited to the Island, as JCS guests, for two days during which they shall be introduced to a variety of potential suitable partners from amongst auditors, trust companies, law firms, fund administrators, custodians, banks and other financial services functionaries. The JCS team relies heavily on its experience in industry to understand customer requirements in considerable detail and so match them most appropriately to the skill sets, capacity and experience of local specialists.

JCS recognises Jersey’s elevated position amongst the most robustly regulated jurisdictions internationally and not just the offshore territories. This represents a real opportunity to attract quality new business to the Island from first class world players who want only the best. JCS claims that attracting new business to Jersey is not difficult – the challenging element is ensuring the quality. This is achieved by employing a demanding target selection process as well as a rigorous take-on procedure. It is the case for example that in some emerging market regions only a very small percentage of the business population would pass such tests. JCS seeks out new opportunities only from amongst those small groups.

The foreign visits, or as JCS refers to them; the “road-shows” are often combined with modest sized focused conferences or symposiums held predominantly in financial capitals like Berlin, Paris, Johannesburg, Geneva, Moscow and London. During these events, presentations are made which highlight the unique appeal of Jersey as a preferred domicile for business, fund structuring and wealth management. As the process continues, interested parties are identified and invited to further meetings or an organised visit back home in Jersey. JCS claims a very high success ratio of visitors deciding in favour of Jersey and perhaps this is no surprise when they see the Island for themselves and meet so many skilled specialists in one place. In a short space of time new potential customers are reassured that in Jersey, they will find a safe pair of hands for their business.

With this advantage, the JCS mission statement is ‘to be recognised within five years as the leading independent source of new business into Jersey’.

JCS also offers full-time new business consultancy expertise to financial services providers wishing to diversify their own marketing techniques, train staff in-house, develop systems, produce a database of new contacts and sustain productive new business pipelines.

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