Understanding how sustainability contributes towards building a better working world was demonstrated to EY’s new trainees and JCGS’s ECO Club students on Thursday 3 October at Durrell.

With Environment and Education at the centre of EY’s strategy, the day at Durrell gave an insight into sustainability at a global level yet the opportunity to get involved with a grass roots project.  The trainees and students had the opportunity to develop their understanding and utilise their differing skills as one team to make a difference.


‘Carl Howarth, Principal of JCG said: ‘This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to continue to improve their employability skills and develop further insight into sustainable living.  Not only are our students future leaders in business they are also human beings inhabiting a world which needs and deserves decision making focused on preserving our earth for future generations.  We are thankful to EY and Durrell for this insightful opportunity.’  .


The day began with the people of Durrell delivering an interactive learning session on sustainability followed by an introduction to the organic poly tunnels that host the Organic Farm, one of which is being sponsored by EY.  Students and trainees worked together to assist the team at the Organic Farm with various duties, one of which was preparing food packs for the animals.  The day finished with the group feeding the animals with the packs they prepared earlier to gain a sense of the full process from sustainable cultivation to consumption!


Reflecting on the interaction between the trainees and JCG students, Jackie Hankin, HR Leader, EY commented: “Many students find it a little daunting joining the working world but by using opportunities like this it not only educates them on a subject of importance but it also allows them to form acquaintances and find out from our associates how they made their career choices and discuss the world of work so far.


Durrell also benefits from such initiatives.  Stephanie Moore from the Trust explains: “It is important that young people understand the meaning of sustainability as it is they who will be carrying that message to the next generation.  We were therefore delighted when EY approached us to co-ordinate this exciting and worthwhile day”.