The first of our new factsheets focusses on ‘Enhancements to Jersey’s Limited Partnership Law’. The Jersey limited partnership structure is used extensively for international fund structures, especially in the private equity and venture capital asset classes. Reasons for its popularity include that the limited partnership structure offers tax neutrality and limited liability to its limited partners.

Jersey has introduced changes to the Limited Partnership Law to modernise it and build greater flexibility, recognising developments in other jurisdictions. The amendments also create a clearer termination process and provide wider amendment powers, by way of secondary legislation, to facilitate quicker and more efficient legislative change in the future. The changes complement an amendment made in 2020 to enable foreign limited partnerships to migrate to Jersey quickly and seamlessly.

The new factsheet looks at how the Limited Partnership Law has changed, covering aspects including: safe harbours; clarifications of note; increased flexibility; termination; enhanced reporting obligations; and wider amendment powers.

Download the ‘Enhancements to Jersey’s Limited Partnership Law’ factsheet

The second of our new factsheets has been produced given that Jersey has been diversifying its proposition in the US market, with its capabilities in the structured finance space.

The factsheet focusses on Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs), as Jersey Finance estimates that more than 110 securitization structures, including CLOs and Collateralized Debt Obligations, were registered over the first half of 2022, including a number migrating from other jurisdictions.

The ‘Jersey for Collateralized Loan Obligations’ factsheet looks at what CLOs are, who uses them and why Jersey is an attractive home for them.

Download the ‘Jersey for Collateralized Loan Obligations’ factsheet

These factsheets complement a wide range of existing ones, all of which can be accessed and downloaded from our Knowledge Hub. They are shared at our events and in meetings by our Business Development team.

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